Will Samrat Bindusar Know that Rani Dharma Is Under the Influence of Black Magic?

Devi Dharma Ashoka Samrat Bindusar
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Samrat Bindusar is back from his trip in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. However, instead of being happy about his return, Rani Dharma seems to be throwing tantrums on him.

She is showing attitude and behaving exactly the opposite to what she is. Though Charumitra is enjoying seeing her in this avatar everybody including Samrat Bindusar and Ashoka are worried.

Devi Dharma Ashoka Samrat Bindusar

Samrat Bindusar is worried about Rani Dharma

Samrat Bindusar has no idea why his beloved Rani is behaving in such a way as he knows she cannot be so mean and rude. On the contrary, Maharani Charumitra is making him realize how money and position changed Rani Dharma completely. Still, he is not ready to believe her and remains disturbed by Rani Dharma’s behavior.

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Ashoka Too Expresses His Concern over His Mother

When Bindusar meets Ashoka he too narrates how his mother has been acting so different and weird ever since he went away for his journey. Though Bindusar senses something is really very unusual he maintains that he will definitely look into the matter and ensure than Rani Dharma comes back to her senses.

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Will Bindusar know that Rani Dharma is under the influence of Black Magic?

Samrat BIndusar has no idea that whatever his beloved Queen is doing is under the influence of Black Magic. He simply cannot understand Rani Dharma who seem to be acting very weird. Little does he know that she is now a mere puppet of Maharani Charumitra who is making her do things as she wishes.

Now the question is –

Will Samrat BIndusar Catch Maharani Charumitra?

We hope Samrat Bindusar will get into the roots of this problem to find the actual cause of Rani Dharma’s problem. It is quite obvious sthat she is suffering from something otherwise why would she slap a vaidya or try to jump from a cliff.

Hope Samrat Bindusar find the answers of these questions and know the reality behind Dharma’s behavior. It would be all the more interesting if he gets to know that the person who scripted the entire thing is none other than Maharani Charumitra.

We are really waiting for that day. What do you think?

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