Will Samrat Bindusar Punish Sushim For His Behavior & Actions?

Samrat Bindusara - Ashoka's Father
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Sushim seems to be one of the cruelest persons in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial and at the same time foolish too.

Instead of making his impression in front of everybody as the potential heir of Samrat Bindusar, he is trying to even out with his arch rival Ashok who is not just his brother but a Rajkumar too.

Samrat Bindusara - Ashoka's FatherImage Courtesy: @Colorstv via Twitter

Sushim Punished Ashok Brutally in Front of Everybody

In a smart way, Mahmatya and Maharani Charumitra trapped Ashoka in a situation that favored Sushim since he is a ‘temporary king’.  Knowing Ashoka inside out, Sushim took advantage of the situation and made him appear arrogant and haughty in front of the Brahmins. What’s more, even Charumitra didn’t spare Rani Dharma and she started insulting her. This is the reason why Ashoka took the punishment of a crime that he never did.

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Meanwhile, Sushim is misusing his powers

Sushim wants to become the next Samrat but he doesn’t have any quality to be one. Not because he is inferior to Ashoka in many things, but because he isn’t interested in looking at the welfare of the people, all he cares about power.

If we compare, even Rajkumar Justin would have been a much better Samrat than this moron who doesn’t understand simple basics of being a Samrat, then too when he is just a temporary king and the real Samrat is still alive. It’s not just a day of being a Samrat, and he is already under the influence of wine and women, enjoying the dance of the courtesan.

He is doing all sorts of mistakes which we think Chanakya wanted him to do.

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So annoyed are People, that They Have Started Revolt against Magadh and Samrat Bindusar

When Sushim doesn’t listen to the appeal of the residents from the forest areas who apparently are Ashok’s friends, they revolt. The unworthy Samrat Sushim is so cruel that he has given the chance to revolt. Perhaps this will surely go against him. Radhegupt will ensure that he tells everything to Chanakya, and Chanakya on the other hand to Samrat Bindusar.

Will Samrat Bindusar Punish Sushim For His Mistakes?

Samrat will not be back so soon because he is on his way to Ujjaini where people are aghast as both their king and queen was killed in the royal palace of Pataliputra. Here, in the palace all are in favor of Sushim, surprisingly even Helena for her personal reasons. No wonder, she is rightly using Charumitra to harm Rani Dharma and Ashoka. After all, an enemy’s enemy is our friend. Little does Charumitra know what the real intention of Rajmata is! Mahamatya too is in support of Sushim.

This is going to be really dirty as we are unsure how the truth will reach Bindusar. Will he know the truth or will he get to know the altered version? Will Radhagupt and Chanakya bring the truth in front of Samrat when he comes back?

In that case will Samrat Bindusar punish Sushim for all his cruelty, mistakes and stupidity in his absence? Let us wait and watch as this is going to be another interesting plot.

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