5 Reasons Why Fans are Eager to Watch Swara And Laksh Romantic Scene

Swara Laksh Helly Shah Namish Taneja

Buzz is that soon Swara will be kidnapped in Swaragini and this time Ragini will not do on her own but hire goons to do so. However, Ragini’s plan will backfire as Laksh will come to rescue Swara.

Next, the two will come face to face with each other in the isolated place and remember the good old days. If sources are to be believed then Swara and Laksh will share some close intimate moments.

Swara Laksh Helly Shah Namish Taneja

Image Courtesy: @namishtaneja via Twitter

This is really a good news for all the Swalak fans as they have been waiting for this Swara and Laksh romantic moment from ages now. Here we share the reasons why fans are excited to watch Swara and Laksh Moments:

Swara and Laksh Have Been separated from long and doesn’t look like they will be together

From the ongoing plot, it doesn’t look like Swara and Laksh will end up together as circumstances are bringing Sanskar and Swara together again and again. So, seeing Laksh and Swara close (remembering their love for each other) is definitely a thing to cherish. No wonder, Swara has been denying her love for Laksh from ages now.

Because Fans want to know the real feelings of Swara for Laksh

Swara loves Laksh but she keeps on denying it, only because he is Ragini’s husband. What’s more, she justifies her stand by saying how Laksh never trusted her. However, fans feel she is still in love with Laksh and this sequence will indeed show the real feelings of Swara for Laksh.

Aren’t we Sick Of Ragini and Her Evil Tricks to get Laksh?

We all need break from Ragini and her evil intentions. Besides, don’t you think it would be interesting to see Ragini watching Swara and Laksh getting close and intimate in the show?

We are just waiting to see it happen and we are sure it would definitely rock the TRPs of Swaragini. What is your opinion?

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