Swaragini : Why Is Swara Being Good to Ragini But Bad to Laksh & Sanskar?

It is difficult to understand TV show’s protagonist. They are so good that they often trust the vamps and fall in the same puddle over and over again. What’s more they even strain their relationship with the other good characters.

Similar thing is happening in Swaragini where Swara is being good with her sister Ragini (the root cause of all her problems) and being bad to Sanskar and Laksh. We understand her ‘naraazgi’ with Laksh but being bad to Sanskar who helped her so much is not at all good.


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Ragini Still Can’t Be Trusted in Swaragini – She Stalked Sanskar and Swara

Swara doesn’t know that the girl she has been supporting has another plan in her mind. Interestingly, Ragini herself reveals how she stalked both Swara and Sanskar and heard everything. If she can stalk her and Sanskar, she can do anything. Yet Swara is trying her best to help Ragini. What’s more, Ragini has weird plans too.

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Ragini Will Trick Swara and Everyone Once Again

On the occasion of Durga Puja, the Maheshwaris will come to Baadi and this is the time when Ragini will plan her next step. According to the sources, she’ll get electric shock. Doctor will say she has lost her memory.

However, the only thing she would remember is her marriage with Laksh and her hatred for Swara. So, Ragini will enjoy her good times again. No wonder, she has planned her entry in the Maheshwari quite nicely. And Swara who was trying her best to help her once again falls in a soup.

However, one thing is good for SwaSan fans – Swara and Sanskar will move in the Maheshwari house as a couple post this nautanki of Ragini and hard luck for SwaLak fans as Ragini will enter the house as Laksh’s wife. Poor Laksh has to bear Ragini yet again in Swaragini.

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