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The use of servitors in manifesting one’s desires goes well back to the early 1900s, and is a part of what is known as “Chaos” magic. A servitor is formed by the practitioner to assist in specified tasks that usually require a great amount of focus or attention, such as increasing sales of a product, or drawing in clients. 


Or, as author Phil Hine put it:

Servitors can be created to perform a wide range of tasks, from the specific to the general, and may be considered as expert systems which are able to modify themselves to take into account new factors that are likely to arise whilst they are performing their tasks. They can be programmed to work within specific circumstances, or to be operating continually.

The servitor appears to work as a separate being apart from the person who birthed it, yet it still serves the creator without any freewill. In other words, it will obey your instructions to the letter.

Servitors are often produced over the course of a week, and are tasked with anything from surrounding you with an aura (such as success or sex appeal) to opening up doors that would normally remain closed.

Servitors are more complex than a standard sigil, and their existence will last as long as the creator deems necessary. Unlike sigils for manifestation, a servitor needs an energy source, or food source. This is in the form of a thought, such as gratitude or the servitor can be fed with other energy sources, such a moonlight.

I’ve created several servitors, and the first one I created is still alive and functioning. I made a servitor to assist my daughter with finding a good job and to keep her safe.

Within three weeks, the animal rescue organization she was volunteering with offered her a full-time position with benefits.  The servitor helped manifest the job!

After her job was secured, we retasked the servitor to assist her in finding a new vehicle. In 6 weeks, she was purchasing a new Toyota truck. This servitor was tasked to live in a dragon puppet she keeps in a glass case and to be fed the energy of gratitude.

My daughter still calls upon her servitor when she needs help – be it finding some extra cash or making her superiors at her job aware of how hard she works.

I have several servitors working for me at this time. One is tasked with increasing sales of my book series, with astonishing results. My sales went from a flat zero to over $1200/week (US) in royalties in a 30-day period.

I have produced another servitor to help bring my film company investors, and this one is on track to yield positive results!

Although the creation of a servitor is a fairly simple process, it helps to have a clear set of instructions. Creation can be done at any time, and without any special props.  If you feel the need to retask a servitor, that is easily done using the original creation techniques.

I’ve compiled a list of questions that are often asked about creating servitors. 

Q: Can you make a servitor for someone else?

A: Yes, as long as they know about it. I haven’t tried to do one that works upon others without their knowledge. I believe that may be possible.

Q: Are they dangerous?

A: No. Unlike calling upon non-physical beings (angels or gods), who have free will, servitors are bonded to you as their creator. They will behave themselves and will follow your orders without fail.

Q: Can you make multiple servitors?

A: Yes, I have three active right now. You must remember to call them forth and feed them, unless you direct them to feed from a power source like the Moon.

Q: They won’t get away and harm others?

A: They are a part of your energy, so harm would only happen if you are prone to harm someone.

Interested in knowing how to make servitors for your own good? Well, there is a short class that teaches you on how to get started and make your own servitor. Interestingly, it is a part of a larger class on using magik to manifest your desires. It’s comprised of three short videos and a downloadable worksheet. Want to know more about it, click here

The technique of making a servitor is really easy and is completely safe as well!

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