Interesting Facts About Mandodari – Ravana’s Chief Wife!

Piyali Munsi as Mandidari in Siya Ke Ram

Ravana’s chief consort Mandodari is one of the most respected figures in Ramayana even though she supported Ravana all through her life. The reason being, Mandodri was not only pious but also righteous and even tried her best to stop her Swami from committing wrong deeds.

Here we share some of the interesting and lesser known facts about Mandodri:

Piyali Munsi as Mandidari in Siya Ke Ram
Piyali Munsi as Mandodari in Siya Ke Ram

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Mandodari Was The Daughter of Mayasura – King of the Asura and Granddaughter of Saptarishi Kashyapa

Mayasura was the son of Kashyapa and his wifi Diti. He went on to become an asura king and architect of the netherland that ruled Mayarastra (present day Meerut). He married apsara Hema and had 3 children – Mayavi, Dundhubhi and Mandodri

Mandodari was An Adopted Child of Mayasura and Hema

After having two sons, the couple long for a daughter and start doing penances to seek favor from Lord Shiva. This is when they hear a loud cry from a nearby well. They realize the voice is of a beautiful girl, and they readily accept her as their daughter.

She Was Cursed by Maa Parvati

Once, an apsara named Madhura arrived at Kailash, to pay respect to Lord Shiva in the absence of Lord’s wife Parvati. This is the time when Madhura has clandestine coitus with Lord Shiva. However, when Parvati returns, she sees traces of ashes from Lord Shiva’s body on Madhura’s breasts. Goddess Parvati gets angry and curses Madhura to live as a frog in a well for 12 years.

Lord Shiva, however, consoles apsara Madhura and states that after 12 years, she will once again become a beautiful woman who’ll marry a mighty man. This is how Mayasura met Mandodri when she started shouting from.the well post completing 12 years of her curse.

Ravana Married Mandodari For Love

Though Ravana is known for lusting women, he loved Mandodri and it was only love why he married Mandodri. They had 3 children together – Inderjit, Atikaya and Aksaya Kumara. Ravana also respected Mandodari.

Mandodari Was Very Beautiful

Being an apsara, Mandodri was very beautiful. Her beauty is described many times in the mythology. In fact, it is said that she was more beautiful than Sita. Lord Hanuman too mistook her as Sita when he entered Ravana’s chamber.

A Righteous Woman, Mandodari Tried To Change Ravana for Good

Ravana lusted women and Mandodari knew his weakness. However, being a righteous woman, she always tried to change Ravana’s path from Adharma to Dharma, but he always ignored her advice. But un the end battle, being a faithful and obedient wife, she decides to stand by her husband’s side.

Mandodri Saved Sita’s Life

When Sita refused to.marry Ravana, he threatens to kill her and even removes her sword to kill Sita. However, Mandodari comes at the right time snd saves Sita at the right time by stopping Ravana and making him realize that it is a heinous crime to kill a woman.

After Ravana’s Death, Vibhishan Married Mandodari

After Ram kills Ravan, he insists Vibhishan to marry Mandodri. This was mainly for the kingdom and statesmanship.

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