Idiosyncratic Business Applications which Enlarge an Enterprise

We largely depend upon applications these days. The day since technology has monopolized itself into every field, applications took its place either in everywhere we see. And as we know how largely an application is needed to develop an enterprise.

Apart from the application which largely helps the business executives to show inflation in their revenues, there are applications having modest ideas which are too specific about making a small (though significant) difference in their business.

Before developing an application the first and foremost thing a developer has to have on mind is, what is the ultimate motive of his creation? Will the application make difference from others?

Be it small or of great use, the application will have to nourish its target audience. The application can have miniature utilities but it should be distinct from others. It should have further enhancements and the current version must also be disparate.

As far as a business applications are concerned the major things it must have is it has to help out the business person to manage with time. Often what a businessman looks for would know how to manage his time. Like other human beings, a businessman also has only twenty-four hours a day.

Unfortunately a businessman doesn’t find that much of time sufficient to make his work efficient. Apart from the expert businessman, those who are handling with startups find it even more difficult about time management. They fumble from one task to another, making their work hastier day by day.

All they need to have is a calm and pleasant atmosphere where they could think and sort out their work so that they can work accordingly. And after which comes the other significant factors such as productivity, mobility, storage etc. When all these factors put together a good application benefiting an entrepreneur can be developed.

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Now let’s take a look at the application which is exclusively developed to assist a new businessman and to promote better ideas for a profitable business for those experts out there.

These business applications have utilities which could satisfy petite needs but they work significantly on what they’re assigned to do.

DROPBOX: One of the Most Useful Business Applications

This application is well-known for saving and sharing of data and files authentically. Most of the time the business executives do things out of haste, they might run of out space in their device to save their important files. At such circumstances, Dropbox is very useful.

Dropbox application stores the imperative data in a form of cloud and makes it available for its user to acquire his data whenever he wants. The application is absolutely authenticated and trustworthy because it has an extremely protective password for links. And the user is enabled with a higher support of sharing large data.

The executive can make a big transaction of data unmindful of its size and security since the application takes care of it. It provides its end user and admins with advanced training. It helps out the organization holder with Mobility management support and network control also.

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This application is pretty famous and also an adept one. As we all know the central theme of this application of making notes. Primarily they started working full-fledge to pay off the business officials in specific, so they customized a lot in themselves which would facilitate the executives. The concept of the application is taking notes.

As simple as that the application suffices the user by jotting the important notes randomly. It’s more like a scribbling pad, where we can put down the ideas which brainstorm suddenly all it once.

The note can also be referred later, the search process is also not tougher task the application makes easier search options also. The enhanced version of this application has made the organizing applications efficient.


In today’s scenario, we have a lot of application and accounts both in our mobile phone or personal computer and for each account and application we have different passwords. Having the same password for everything would lead to a threat for every application. When we have different passwords its fine even if one among the passwords gets leaked out, it’s better have one application in threat whereas others are safe.

But now we feel it’s a kind of confusing and tough to remember too many passwords. To resolve this problem there approaches an application called Lastpass.

This application manages us to get out of the struggling in remembering the passwords to make our online security safe by new techniques of automatically recalling our passwords. It’s basically a free app where the premium version alone requires about $12 of expense.

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This application is furthermost the best application which is developed for time tracking. The app store and Google play have also got better reviews over this application in comparison with other time tracking applications.

With Yast the user can track in the time and bill by the hour. The process is so simple either, we can track in the time just by a click action over the “play” button. Then the data is automatically synchronized to your device.

There is no need to export the data and the data is also available online at website. This application is said to be world’s easiest time tracking application.

The most recent activities contain the last five projects. The user can work with nested projects and track them simultaneously without any hassle. The application organizes the project all by itself making it simpler to its user.

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This might remind us of the popular photo sharing application, Instagram. But for a difference, this application has its own approach to sharing posts which depict current information.

The application is helpful for business people since it saves all interesting and important article to our device in one click. The post can be anything a video, audio, cooking recipe, current revelations or even article containing speeches.

It also enables us automatically synchronize with our device running with any operating system say Android, iOS, windows. And we also save the articles when we are offline either. Isn’t it cool? If anyone related business field hasn’t tried it yet, then must give it a try.


This is again an application which primarily facilitates the business executives that too the ones who run a small business. Freshbook is accounting software which largely implies in productivity to the concerned organization. This application is well-known for its amazing invoicing structure.

The invoices are so very professional and it takes only a few seconds to create them. Apart from the invoicing features, the application also contains automate time-consuming tasks, tracking down the expenses and also time tracking.


Mindnode is basically a mind mapping application which helps in generating ideas which we have on mind. We often come up with ideas which are pretty unclear, but Mindnode helps us to refine our thoughts and sort into a better idea. This application is useful in the business stream where they look for innovative and creative ideas.


This is an application which abundantly saves a lot of papers. As in the application becomes a replacement for paper works. The major idea of this application is to collect signatures regarding any purchases or contract deals and send it the other end digitally.

We don’t need a fax number to transfer the digital signature. This saves a lot of time and paper where it’s time consuming from the aspect of sending fax like signing off, print it and sending a fax.

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App stores and Google play store is flooded with a sea of application. Each application has its own utility and a few applications are developed from a domain to serve and facilitate one particular stream.

When a business stream is taken into account there are enormous applications which would line up in the listicle. A few among them were discussed above. These business applications are the finest ones which all entrepreneurs have to try. If you haven’t tried yet, then make sure that you check out these applications to make your revenues stock high!

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