What Is Manifesting? How Do We Manifest Anything in Our Life? – Beginners Guide

Manifesting is basically creating our outer reality to reflect our inner reality. Now what does that mean and what do I mean by inner reality? Well, by inner reality I mean what’s going on in your mind and most importantly what’s going on in your heart. So, for instance, if you are thinking, feeling, vibing with any emotions – negative or positive, you tend to focus on those things and by default, you start to create your inner reality. Once you create your inner reality, your outer world by virtue of laws of the universe (one of them quite popular in the mainstream is Law of attraction) is going to match your inner reality.

You might have read or watched The Secret and the Secret is a really great place to start if you are a manifesting newbie but the Secret although a good source, to begin with, is incomplete. However, the basic idea remains the same that ‘Thoughts become things’ – If you focus on your desire, feel as if you already have it, literally act as if it is coming and even be grateful for this thing, it will show up in your outer reality. Now, if most of you are thinking interesting, but how? Let me remind you of one of the most important laws, the law of attraction and the law of vibration.

Law of attraction and law of vibration is as equal to other universal laws like the law of gravitation and the laws that make electricity work. We cannot see these laws at work but we simply trust that they are, we trust that they are at work, we trust that they are always on, never do we argue about its existence. You trust that if you put the switch off, the fan will start, you don’t argue even if you don’t see the electricity flowing with your eyes or know nothing about how electricity works. And that’s precisely the same with other laws of the universe like the law of attraction and law of vibration.

Law of attraction is a law that states like attracts like. So, whatever you think about, whatever you focus on, you tend to attract in your life. So, if you are focused on positive things in life, everything would turn just as you want – the money you want will come and so will be your dream relationship that you have always wanted to be in. However, if you are focused on negative things and the what ifs, you are likely to attract what you do not want.

Have you ever woken up with a backache and you get really pissed?  Next, you realize that your toaster is broken, and when you get ready to go out, you are already late, missing your bus/train? Then when you somehow reach your office, you realize your boss is in a bad mood and you get in trouble for something? You think it is an accident or just a bad day, but in reality, it is on purpose. The reason being, as you focus on one bad thing, you attract more and more bad things towards you. Same with positive things, if you wake up in a good mood, you’ll realize that your breakfast is already done – your husband or mother-in-law has already cooked the breakfast. Next, you even get a comfy seat on your bus/train to your work, so on and so forth.

This is the way how manifestation works – If you think positive and focus on positive energy, you’ll be manifesting all the things that you desire. On the contrary, if you are pissed, worried and full of anxiety, you’ll be surrounded by the very thing. You attract not just what you think and believe, you also attract what you are. Meaning, if you are happy, you attract happiness, if you are frustrated, you are mirroring more frustration.

Now coming back to the book, The Secret. Well, the book tells you about three things; one is to ask, two is to believe and the third thing is to receive. However, the secret doesn’t talk about taking inspired actions in order to manifest things that you truly want. So, as a beginner, you might wonder, if the money would come in your account if you could just think, or your dream man would knock the door of your heart if all you do is imagine.  

However, here’s the thing, you are the co-creator along with the Universe, you are always co-creating your one half of the equation and the Universe co-creates the other half of the equation. Your job is to ask what you want, believe that it is coming and take actions, you’ll notice that the Universe by its laws will help you to take the right inspired actions. You’ll start getting little nudges of what to do next.

So, if you are manifesting more money perhaps you’ll have this nudge to reinvent your business strategy or sell something that no longer serves you or maybe an altogether new idea that can take your business to a new level. When you want to manifest things, it doesn’t simply fall into your lap, you have to work in alignment with the Universe. Interestingly, the inspired actions never really feel like work but the next natural step.

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So, what are my manifesting steps to help you to manifest everything and anything that you want, no matter how big or how small it is?

First and foremost, you need to be specific about what you want and then ask for it. Next, believe it that you can have it, let go off any limiting belief you have around it and affirm actual truths to you. Once you have asked, once you have believed and once you have let go off anything that doesn’t serve you, the next step is to act as if, vibe with what you want, really feel that you already have it, feel grateful for it as if it is ALREADY here and just know that it is on its way.

The next step is to take inspired actions as you receive it and make sure that you let go off on how is it going to be manifesting in your life. This is really the key to manifesting; you never gonna know how it is going to happen or in which way your desires would turn into reality. So, never focus on how it is going to happen by shutting yourself off by only one way. The last step is to receive, and once you receive, be grateful for it. The more you be grateful, the more you’ll attract the same.

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So those are my basic ways of manifesting and in fact almost all the mindset coaches’ basic approach to get started with manifesting anything. If these basic steps excite you and you want to know more about manifesting and everything related to it, hit positive enlivening on our site and get a resource library to know further advanced techniques to manifest more into your life – health, money, love etc.

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